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At United we adhere to three basic principles:

  • Client Satisfaction and Involvement,
  • Commitment to Excellence, and
  • Appropriate Use of Technology.

At United we believe a key component of project success and client satisfaction is involvement of the client at all stages of the project.

The establishment of open channels of communication between the client and United is a key component of every project. Our personnel work closely with the client and solicit client input at all phases of the project, from the initial step of defining the project scope, determining the solution methodology to be employed, to the final reporting of the project results.

United's reputation rests on an uncompromising commitment to excellence.

At United, commitment to excellence is not just mere words. United is committed to providing the client with an on-time, high quality product that is cost competitive. As part of our commitment to excellence, United maintains a highly trained team of professionals with extensive practical experience. United's expert team of professionals is firmly grounded in all levels of technology, ranging from standard engineering methods and computer models to the latest scientific advances and emerging technologies. Our breadth of project experience and technological expertise ensures that United provides the highest level of service available.
At United we strive to use the most appropriate level of technology. We manage our business with commitment and management leadership in quality, health, safety and environmental protection.

United Environmental, Inc. has its own policy which aims to;

  1. Continous Improvements to the Environment.
  2. Fully committed to safe operation and performance.
  3. No harm to the people and believe that most of Accidents and Injuries are preventable.

We have found that the simplest and most direct solutions are usually the best. However, if the need exists, then United's expert team of professionals has the capability to take the latest scientific advances and emerging technologies, and rapidly transform them into practical solutions to complex environmental problems. United specializes in applying leading-edge technology to the solution of today's complex environmental, correction action and engineering problems. One of United's main strengths is its high level of expertise and experience in conducting all types of site assessments, risk base correction
actions, environmental studies, geotechnical and geological engineering, and design/operation of remediation systems.

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Regional Middle East Office :
35 Oboor Towers, Salah Salem Road, Cairo, Egypt
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Main Office :
7406 Couples Court, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
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